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January 7, 2012 Culinary Tour: Ancient-style Neapolitan Pizza premiered

The Taste History Culinary Tour  held on January 7, 2012, hosted a private group for the tour's first visit to its newest addition for the New Year, Scuola Vecchia. This eatery is a Neapolitan pizzeria located in Downtown Delray Beach, FL.  It's the first certified Neapolitan pizzeria in the State of Florida.  Scuola Vecchia is certified by the Associazion Pizzaiouli Napoletani.
Certified pizza oven from Naples, Italy

Pizza Margherita at Scuola Vecchia.
Scuola Vecchia creates certified Neapolitan pizzas.
Pizza Margherita resembles the colors of Italian Flag.  Mozzarella is homemade daily at Scuola Vecchia

Pizza Margherita baked in a certified Pizza oven. Pizza is made with red tomatoes, white mozzarella and green basil which all represent the colors of the Italian Flag.  
Neapolitan cuisine developed in ancient Naples, Italy during the Greco-Roman period.  The food in Naples has been influenced by the Campania region of Italy.  Pizza is one of the most famous Neapolitan cuisines.   Real Neapolitan Pizzas have to be cooked in a certified wood-fired oven that is made in Naples, Italy.

The official pizza certification was introduced around 2009 by the European Union upon request from the Country of Italy and EU granted Traditional Specialty Guaranteed to protect the traditional Neapolitan pizza especially the Pizza Margherita.

The Pizza Marghertia is named for Italian Queen Margherita of Savoy in honor of her visit to Naples, Italy in 1889. The colors of the pizza represent the Italian Flag.
The next tour stop was to the Urban Garden in Downtown Boynton Beach, FL
Dill in the Urban Garden in Downtown Boynton Beach, FL. Dill is a perennial herb that is native to Mediterranean countries and southeastern Europe but is now cultivated in other parts of  Europe, India and North America.

Basil in the Urban Garden in Downtown Boynton Beach, Florida. Basil originated in India more than 5,000 years ago but is prominently used in Italian cuisine.

Cooking demonstration at the farm-to-table restaurant Secret Garden Cafe in Downton Boynton Beach, FL.

Chef Phillip does demonstration of creating a Dill sauce at the Secret Garden Cafe. The Dill was from the Urban Garden in Downtown Boynton Beach, FL

Dill sauce demonstration at the Secret Garden Cafe

Dill sauce demo at Secret Garden Cafe in Downtown Boynton Beach, FL
Cooking tool used for the Dill sauce demo at the Secret Garden Cafe, a farm-to-table restaurant located in Downtown Boytnon Beach, FL

Smoothies served at the Secret Garden Cafe for the guests from the Taste History Culinary Tour.

Zucchini Casserole served at the Secret Garden Cafe.  Zucchini is similar to a Squash. Everything is made from scratch at the Secret Garden and many of the fruits and vegetables used are from the Urban Garden in Downtown Boynton Beach, FL.

Orzo pasta was served with the Salmon at the Secret Garden Cafe for the Taste History Culinary Tour

Peach Cobbler at the Secret Garden Cafe
The final visit for this private food excursion was to Palermo's Bakery located in Boynton Beach, FL

Bah Bah Rum aka Rum Bah Bah aka Rum baba aka BaBa au Rhum cakes at Palermo's Bakery in Boynton Beach, FL.  The cake's name mean's "grandmother".  This original cake style was cooked in Poland and in various Polish communities throughout the world.  The more modern Bah Bah Rum was invented in Paris, France about 1835 because of Polish influence. Later, Bah Bah Rum was introduced in Naples, Italy and became intertwined with Neaopolitan cuisine.  Around 1899, this rum cake began appearing in American restaurants.

Bah Bah Rum cakes sampled on the Taste History Culinary Tour at Palermo's Bakery in Boytnon Beach, FL

Pastry Chef statue at Palermo's Bakery in Boynton Beach, FL
Taste History traveled through historic districts and also visited Linda Bean's Perfect Maine  located in historic Downtown Delray Beach, FL.  Lobster Bisque was sampled at Linda Bean's.

The purpose of the Taste History Culinary Tour is to provide a culturally enriching experience that infuses the local lifestyle history of early settlers, farming facts, tours of neighborhoods, as well as art and educational information about historic architecture that includes visits to restaurants in historic districts and/or buildings for food tastings. The culinary tastings includes specifics about food history, food culture and foodways.

The Taste History Culinary Tours of Historic Delray Beach & Boynton Beach are conducted by the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History (MLFH) which is a non-profit organization. These food tours are 4-hours and are a combination of bus riding and 4 to 6 blocks of walking tour with visits to at least two restaurants for cuisine tastings.  Tours are held year-round on the 3rd and 4th Saturdays of each month plus private groups tours area offered. For dates, ticket price information and reservations, visit or call 561-243-2662.  Taste History Culinary Tours is sponsored by Macy's.  Additional support from the Patricia Ann Ravo Fund and Boris & Edith Rueger Fund.
Effective February 1, 2015, $45 per person is the new rate for the general public tours traveling to Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth and Lantana.  The new rate for the West Palm Beach tour is $50 per person.  Tours if free for children under age 18 (children must be accompanied by a paid adult family member).  Due to the increase in fees that are charged to our organization for the tour bus rental and insurance; an increase in our tour fees is necessary. Pre-paid reservations that have been made prior to that date will not be affected. The Taste History Culinary Tours program is operated by a non-profit 501c3 organization. 

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