Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sweet Corn Farm-To-Table for students at South Tech Culinary Academy with recipe-making and field trip to Belle Glade, Florida


The merging of food, art and history has been reimagined as a student outreach component for the Taste History Culinary Tours of Historic Palm Beach County, Florida which is an educational program of the non-profit Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History (MLFH).  The educational objective of the student culinary tour is to allow an integrated and multi-sensory experience between art, history and food for the students hence the focus on at least three senses.   The school field trip program blends the STEAM curriculum which stands from Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics which are components represented in the culinary arts.  The field trip also complements the National Agriculture in the Classroom curriculum.



The student culinary program is the Taste History: Three Senses Field Trip that will featured sweet corn farms in Belle Glade, Florida for students at South Tech Culinary Academy.  It has been designed to be experiential and multi-sensory featuring the senses: Sight, Touch and Taste. The Three Senses Field Trip was launched in 2016 but this is first student trip to Belle Glade, Florida.

Taste History and subsequent school field trips were developed by Lori J. Durante who is the tour’s volunteer organizer, founder and Executive Tour Director.  Durante says about the farm field trip “ the students will experience the sight (of the farm); touch (of the farm) and taste (of the farm).”

Taste History was established in 2011 and is the first cultural culinary tour in Palm Beach County. Cities featured are West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Lantana, Boynton Beach and Delray Beach. 




As a prelude to the field trip to the sweet corn farm and so that the students have a fully integrated farm-to-table experience, on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, the students at South Tech Culinary Academy developed sweet corn recipes using corn from Roth Farms in Belle Glade, Florida. The sweet corn recipe developments are in the categories on Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert.  The South Tech recipe-making lab was led by Chef  O’Neil and Chef Tanner.
Sweet Corn Recipes created by Students at South Tech Culinary Academy:

 Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Blackberry Sauce
Sunny's Easy Bake Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn Fritters

Arroz Amarillo y Maiz

Sweet Corn Pancakes with Bacon

Sweet Corn Tacos

Mexican Corn Cake










On Friday, December 8, 2017, the Taste History Culinary Tour Three Senses Field Trip headed to Sweet Corn farms in Belle Glade, Florida for an agricultural program for students of the South Tech Culinary Academy in Boynton Beach.  Students also learned about careers in agriculture. One of the field trip farm hosts was Roth Farms in Belle Glade. There are about 15-20 farmers in the Glades farming 22,000-24,000 acres of springtime sweet corn. Total acres harvested from November through May range between 25,000 to 30,000 acres. 10 million crates of corn are harvested from November to May. A crate may average 30 pounds.

The agricultural learning experience for students included the University of Florida Everglades Research Center also in Belle Glade, Florida.  The students participated in presentations on water quality and sustainable agriculture; entomology and plant pathology,  herbs and spring mix; and the barn owls.

Farmer Buddy at Roth Farms in Belle Glade, Florida

Dr. Bhadha at the University of Florida Everglades Research Center

Dr. Beuzelin of the University of Florida Everglades Research Center

Dr. Raid of the University of Florida Everglades Research Center



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