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The Zest Podcast: Palm Beach County’s Hidden Culinary History Is Full of “Aha” Moments


Palm Beach County’s Hidden Culinary History Is Full of “Aha” Moments

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Year 2022

Re-Launch of Taste History Tours

 The format has changed but the immersive experience and knowledgeable tour guide have stayed the same.

 Premiering in Year 2022 is the new format:

Taste History Art, Culture and Luncheon Bus Tour

Taste History is an educational program of the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History (MLFH) which is a non-profit organization. Since 1999, the MLFH has curated 20 design-related exhibits and launched its heritage tours in 2004 with the popular Narrated Bus Tours of Historic Delray Beach has hosted more than 8,000 tour passengers. In year 2011, an additional tour was added which was named the Taste History Culinary Tours of Historic Palm Beach County. Combining the attendance/passengers of both tours, more than 14,000 people have been hosted on these cultural weekly and monthly tours.

The cultural tour programs have evolved and grown through the years.  As we usher in a new season, the tours are adapting and evolving again.

Naturally, the cultural tours have halted since March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Current plans are to begin offering tours again in year 2022.


How has the Taste History Tour format changed?

The impact of global coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the world, the way people interact, have experiences and do business.  To adapt and evolve due to that global issue that has affected the tour partners, the tour format had to change but the tours are still foundationally an immersive experience with emerging arts districts, multicultural history and food.

While maintaining a cultural food experience as part of the tours, they will no longer consist of visiting multiple restaurants for tastings but now will feature one restaurant for a catered sit-down multi-course luncheon.  The one restaurant for the multi-course luncheon will be one from among the list of confirmed tour partners, will be on a rotating basis and will be located in the city area of the particular designated tour.   An option is available to add a bakery stop following the luncheon. 


Will the same cities be featured?

Yes.  The Taste History Art, Culture and Luncheon Bus Tour features choices of the following:

Delray Beach & Boynton Beach

Lake Worth Beach

West Palm Beach/Dixie Highway


Will tours consist of bus riding plus some walking touring?

Yes. The new Taste History Art, Culture and Luncheon Bus Tour will travel by bus to emerging districts visiting art studios, craft shops or public outdoor art which are weaved into travel through historic areas. As in previous tours, the new format may include some walking with some of the tours.


Will tours be offered for general public individuals and groups?

We have permanently changed the tour to be only available by advance reservation and only for groups of a required minimum of 5 adults and a maximum of 10 people total.  We no longer offer accommodations for individual customers who want to be on the tours.   If a group wishes to bring children, in as much as there is no fee charged for children ages 5 and younger (under age 6), there must be a minimum of 5 fee paying persons in the group.


On what days are the tours offered:

Fridays and Saturdays only and for groups only.  A minimum 30 days’ advance reservation is required to book a tour date.


What is the amount of time of a tour’s duration?

The Taste History Art, Culture and Luncheon Bus Tour is a fun and engaging daytrip of 4 to 5 hours tour time-frame including the sit-down multi-course luncheon and is for groups only (minimum 5 people).


Since the tours now include a catered sit-down luncheon, can dietary restrictions be accommodated?

The Taste History mission is the same which specifically includes featuring a cultural food experience at non-franchise/non-chain type restaurants but at the local ‘mom & pop’ type cuisine eateries.  These eateries include some of the same confirmed restaurant partners that have been featured for the tours in the past.  There can be no guarantee that any dietary restrictions can be accommodated.  However, tour customers will have advance notice of the restaurant partner accommodating that tour and will have the menu choices that will be available for that tour, therefore, tour customers can determine if any of the food type can be eaten by them.    

Taste History is not a tour experience wherein specific accommodations of dietary restrictions are planned because it would limit the cultural experience that the tour and the restaurant partner hope to present.  An open-mind and appetite are important to enjoy and savor the taste of history, art, cultural and food presented during the Taste History tours.


Can we choose a restaurant outside of Taste History’s partners?

No.  Restaurant choices/partners have been made based on evaluations by the Taste History Tours as well as by evaluations by the restaurant of the Taste History Tours.  Therefore, restaurant choices are limited to the ones confirmed as Taste History’s partners.


What is the group tour price?

NOTE: tours will only be available for groups (minimum 5 people) and advance reservation is required. Interested customers will need to contact Taste History Tours to discuss further and depending upon tour city selected, an estimate will be prepared.  Email  Call 561-638-8277


For school field trips or study tours, contact the director at 561-638-8277 or email