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Cake-making demo and tastings at Macy's for epicurean tour of Historic Delray Beach & Boynton Beach

The Museum of Lifesytle & Fashion History's Taste History Culinary Tour held on February 18, 2012, was highlighted with a cake-making demo and tastings by Decorator Jen hosted at Macy's in Boynton Beach.  The cake was the finale experience of that tour that began with a visit to the historic St. Paul's Episcopal Church that was establihsed in 1904.  Following a bus ride to the historic church, the tour guests began their travel through Downtown Delray Beach with visits to the Neapolitan certified pizzeria Scuola Vecchia which specializes in ancient-style pizza. The culinary trip included a delicious experience at GOL! The Taste of Brazil restaurant for savory Brazilian chicken.  There was also a tour of the historic 1926 Colony Hotel.

Take a look at the photos
KitchenAid Mixer and Martha Stewart Collection culinary tools

Cake-making in process by Decorator Jen

Jennifer of Decorator Jen has been decorating cakes for over 10 years, mostly for family and close friends, with a brief stint at a local bakery. Since the Cottage Foods Act passed in Florida in 2011 she has been doing cakes for sale from her home. Jennifer taught the Wilton Method cake decorating classes for over 3 years.

Delicious vanilla cake getting its finishing touches by Decorator Jen for cake-making demo at Macy's for the Taste History Culinary Tours

Culinary tools by Martha Stewart Collection
Cake by Decorator Jen

Here's a list of the culinary Macy's tools used by Decorator Jen. Many of the culinary supplies were the Martha Stewart Collection brand. 

  • 9" round pan featured in Calphalon and Analon baker sets
  • Martha Stewart brand silicone spatulas (a variety to choose from)
  • Martha Stewart wooden paper towel holder
  • Martha Stewart pizza cutter
  • Martha Stewart non skid bowls
  • Martha Stewart baker's blade
  • Analon measuring cups ( and Cellar brand measuring set to choose from)
  • Martha Stewart 3 piece sieve set
  • Cooling rack
  • KitchenAid mixers and to use for the icing
  • Martha Stewart pastry decorating set (6 tips)
  • Martha Stewart holiday cooker cutter set 
  • Martha Stewart serrated icing spatula 
  • Martha Stewart wooden French rolling pin

L-R: Angela Mitchell of Macy's with Decorator Jen and the finished product

The Neapolitan pizzeria Scuola Vecchia in Downtown Delray Beach, FL

Tour guests observed the pizza-making process at Scuola Vecchia

Pizza Margherita at Scuola Vecchia in Downtown Delray Beach

Margherita Pizza is named for the Italian Queen Margherita.  The pizza was created in 1889 in honor of her visit to Naples, Italy.  

Scuola Vecchia is the only pizzeria in the State of Florida to receive certification from the Neapolitan Pizza Association. The brick oven is from Naples, Italy

Margherita Pizza represents the colors of the Italian Flag

The Scuola Vecchia Team

Bazilian chicken at GOL: The Taste of Brazil in Downtown Delray Beach
Tourist enjoys the Brazilian cuisine at GOL. A barbeque technique is used to prepare the Brazilian cuisine which is a style of cooking introduced to Brazil via European explorers to South America.  

Taste History Tour Guide at the 1926 Colony Hotel
Mr. Hurd holding a photo of the original St. Paul's Episcopal Church building from 1904. In the 1970s, the historic 1936 Fellowship  Hall at the church was used by a Jewish Synogogue

To purchase tickets on-line, visit tastehistoryculinarytours.org or  561-638-8277. Pre-payment is required. Private group tours are also available.

To purchase tour tickets, click the following link:

Taste History is sponsored in part by Macy's, the Patricia Ann Ravo Fund and the Boris & Edith Rueger Fund.

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