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Taste History adopts Urban Farm in Boynton Beach for its Re-Harvesting on Saturday, September 7, 2013: Volunteer Opportunities Available

The popular non-profit food tour Taste History has adopted the Urban Farm in Downtown Boynton Beach with the purpose of coordinating volunteers for its re-planting on Saturday, September 7th in preparation for the new harvest season.  The re-planting rain date is Saturday, September 21st. The Urban Farm promotes growing fruits and vegetables locally, and practices and advocates for sustainability efforts for local and urban farms.  The Urban Farm in Downtown Boynton Beach is operated by the non-profit Boynton Beach Community Caring Center which runs the farm-to-table eatery the Secret Garden Café. The fruits, vegetables and herbs grown in the Urban Farm services the café. From there, the organic farm provisions are used for farm-to-fork cuisines created by local chefs and bakers who are members of the Center’s Culinary Incubator Program.   The Secret Garden Café opened in 2008, the Urban Farm was established in 2009 and in 2010 the Senior Veggie Mobile was developed with the purpose of also delivering the fruits and vegetables grown in the Urban Farm to physically challenged and economically challenged senior citizens.
Chef Phillip Herman of the Urban Farm in Downtown Boynton Beach, Florida
The Urban Farm and Secret Garden Café in downtown Boynton Beach are highlights on the Taste History Culinary Tour where tour guests experience the Urban Farm followed by tastings and cooking demos in the café infused with fruits, vegetables and herbs from the Urban Farm.  Urban farms represent a rising agricultural movement of returning to better nutrition and taste by growing foods locally.

 “Volunteering for the re-planting of the non-profit Urban Farm in Boynton Beach is a joyful opportunity to connect with the earth, support local farms and give back to the community,” says Lori J. Durante, Executive Tour Director of the Taste History Culinary Tours.
Macy’s team members and students are among the volunteers for the re-planting. Volunteer opportunities are still available for the Urban Farm.  Pre-registration is required and must be completed using the on-line registration application. Visit urbanfarmboynton.eventbrite.com to pre-register. Volunteering is free and volunteer space is limited.  For more information, call 561-243-2662 or e-mail tour@tastehistoryculinarytours.org.
The Urban Farm is located between Ocean Avenue and East Boynton Beach Blvd. in Downtown Boynton Beach, Florida.  And, the Secret Garden Café is at 410 East Boynton Beach, Florida. Volunteering will not be permitted without pre-registration.

Okra grown in the Urban Farm in Downtown Boynton Beach, Florida
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The Urban Farm in Downtown Boynton Beach, Florida.  Taste History is coordinating volunteers for the re-planting of the Urban Farm.
The Urban Farm Re-Planting Project has been selected Best Bets by The Palm Beach Post. Click here.

The Taste History Culinary Tours of Historic Palm Beach County program is a food eating, art and history experience offered by the non-profit Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History (MLFH) and sponsored by Macy’s.  This culinary tour consists of travels to historic Lake Worth and Lantana on the second Saturday of each month; and historic Delray Beach and Boynton Beach on the third and fourth Saturdays of each month, year-round at 11am plus private tours are offered during the weekday. The tour partners include family-owned eateries and bakeries; and non-profit cultural centers highlighting local artists.

The Taste History Culinary Tours of Historic Palm Beach County premiered in October 2011 as the first food tour of its style in Palm Beach County, Florida. Originally, this gastronome tour program was designed to visit historic Delray Beach and Boynton Beach but when the first seven-months sold-out it was expanded to offer more dates and in April 2012 to include historic Lake Worth and Lantana, Florida. As a result of the inclusion of Lake Worth and Lantana, Taste History has been a leader in introducing new audiences to that city and town which has created an economic benefit for them.  In downtown Lake Worth, the featured art galleries are the Maryanne Webber Gallery, the non-profit Lake Worth Art League Gallery, and the non-profit Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery in addition to visiting restaurants for cultural eating experiences. 

Taste History incorporates a rotation of cuisine tastings representing varied cultures that are African American, Southern American, Brazilian, Caribbean, Greco-Roman, Italian, English, French, French Canadian, Irish, Australian, New Zealand, Hungarian, Turkish and Ancient Mexican along with farm-to-table and organic tastings. Taste History combines history, culture and cuisine therefore this gastronomy tour infuses food tastings with the history of the State of Florida and local area along with visits to historic buildings and art galleries.

The non-profit Taste History Culinary Tours of HistoricPalm Beach County, Florida has been designated one of the official community event partners for the State of Florida’s 500th anniversary, VivaFlorida.

The quality programming of Taste History has garnered many accolades including an “Approved” designation from the famed culinary website Tasting Table. The culinary journey visits an assortment of restaurants, markets, an urban farm, art galleries, cultural centers and historic buildings.

Taste History is sponsored, in part, by Macy’s. Sponsorship opportunities are still available.

Additional support for Taste History has been received from bequests from the late Patricia Ann Ravo and the late Boris & Edith Rueger.
Click here for reservation information for the Taste History Culinary Tours.

The Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History (MLFH) is a non-profit 501c3 organization as designated by the IRS. MLFH was established in year 1999 in Palm Beach County, Florida. The Mission of MLFH is to offer educational programs, and history and retrospective anthropology exhibits showcasing lifestyle, cultures, people, places, fashion trends, clothes, architecture, furnishings, decorative arts, interior designs, locomotives and toys, and information about popular uses of artifacts by people/events of various periods of time. In year 2004, MLFH premiered the Narrated Bus Tours of Historic Delray Beach, Florida. The tours have been hugely popular and rated the Most Unique Travel Gem by AAA Travel Home & Away Magazine. The Historic Tours have hosted more than 8,000 passengers. The mission of the tours is to showcase the historic cultural lifestyle, people, and places. American Express was a sponsor of the Narrated Bus Tours of Historic Delray Beach in year 2007. In October 2011, MLFH premiered its newest program the Taste History Culinary Tours of HistoricPalm Beach County. The purpose of the Taste History Culinary Tours is to infuse food history, food culture, foodways and food tastings into facts about the historic districts and pioneer people of Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, and Lantana, Florida (Palm Beach County) along with highlighting art galleries, historic buildings and showcasing the contributions of early settlers. There are more than thirty culinary partners for this program that include restaurants, cafes, an urban farm, historic buildings and art galleries.

Macy's, the largest retail brand of Macy's, Inc., delivers fashion and affordable luxury to customers at more than 800 locations in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam. Macy's stores and macys.com offer distinctive assortments including the most desired family of exclusive and fashion brands for him, her and home. Macy's is known for such epic events as Macy's 4th of July Fireworks(R) and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade(R), as well as spectacular fashion shows, culinary events, flower shows and celebrity appearances. Building on a 150-year tradition, Macy's helps strengthen communities by supporting local and national charities that make a difference in the lives of our customers.

Viva Florida 500 is a statewide initiative led by the Florida Department of State (FDOS) to highlight the 500th anniversary in 2013 of the arrival of Juan Ponce de Leὀn to La Florida. The FDOS is working very closely with several core partners and leveraging public and private partnerships with many engaged individuals and organizations at the state and grassroots level to showcase Florida’s Spanish Colonial history and the many different cultures including Native Americans that have shaped Florida and contributed to its diverse heritage.
Florida’s 500th anniversary presents a unique opportunity to strengthen tourism, spur economic development and educate the world about the state’s significant history and heritage. Viva Florida 500 is a once-in-our-lifetime opportunity to reposition and rebrand Florida by highlighting 500 years of history and unmatched cultural diversity.
This anniversary will educate children and adults worldwide about Florida’s significant “firsts” in the foundation of the United States. Viva Florida 500 will acknowledge and promote the state’s history to establish a legacy that will foster a better understanding of where we came from and inspire an even greater pride in Florida heritage. Every American should know that the nation’s identity began in Florida. From the first practice of traditions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, to the establishment of powerful economic industries like cattle ranching and citrus farming, Florida’s Spanish settlers paved the way.
By commemorating Florida’s history and heritage, Viva Florida 500 will generate new tourism opportunities on a global scale long after 2013. Commemorative activities will contribute to Florida’s unique tourism landscape – a clean, safe, family-friendly environment that appreciates the state’s cultural heritage, history and natural resources. Expanding Florida’s tourism marketing efforts to include 500 years of rich cultural diversity and history (that no other state can claim) will raise the state profile to increase resident, domestic and international travel.
By reminding the world of the state’s historic role in international trade, Viva Florida 500 will promote the state’s business-friendly environment. Viva Florida 500 will reintroduce Florida as the Gateway to the America’s and the place where the nation’s cultures first came together. Business incentives in Florida are improving, and international investment further strengthens Florida’s economy. With over 400 Spanish businesses in Florida, and the expansion of the Panama Canal in 2014, opportunities are opening up for more global business and cultural exchanges.
Spanish and Hispanic contributions to Florida in particular are deeply woven into the historic tapestry of the beautiful Sunshine State, though Florida’s cultural heritage is inextricably connected to many nations. This is passionately evident in the art, architecture, culture, cuisine, language and music shared throughout the state. Viva Florida 500 will share the distinct flavor of Florida with the nation and the world, strengthening the ties - the very old ties - between the Old and New Worlds.

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